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Work Boots

Jalas Offroad Work Boots
£75.00 (VAT exempt)

Jalas Winpro Safety Boots
£95.00 (VAT exempt)

Jalas Drylock Work Boots
£115.00 (VAT exempt)

Haix Groundsman Work Boots
£128.00 (VAT exempt)

Pfanner Waterproofer 300ml
£10.50 (exc. VAT)
£12.60 (inc. VAT)

Chainsaw Safety Clothing and Protection

Work Boots

Work boots and safety footwear with steel toe caps and midsoles for all kinds of workers in all kinds of industries.

Good quality, well fitting boots can make the difference between a comfortable and miserable day's work, so investing in a good pair makes a lot of sense.

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