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Woolpower Socks Classic 200 WP-8412
Woolpower Socks Classic 200 WP-8412

Woolpower Socks Classic 200 Black

£15.00 (exc. VAT)
£18.00 (inc. VAT)

Woolpower Socks Classic 200 Black

The perfect every day sock providing insulation on cold work days.

Woolpower Ullfrotté Classic 200g socks are made from Merino wool and combine insulating terry knit in the foot with rib-knit in the leg providing excellent insulating functionality whilst retaining warmth for your feet even when wet.

Woolpower's unique Ullfrotté design absorbs and moves perspiration away from the skin while still keeping you warm and with the addition of polyamide to the Merino wool the Classic 200g socks have great durability and keep their shape.


Woolpower has been making socks for different temperatures, activities and situations since the early 1970s. This continued experience and deep knowledge about how important it is to have dry and warm feet is reflected in the wide range of Woolpower socks.​

Keeping your feet warm and dry is essential to staying comfortable. Whatever your needs, Woolpower's sock range keeps your feet in the best shape possible, all year round.

Woolpower make socks using their terry knit Ullfrotté 200-800g/m2 and the flat knit LITE fabric. Both knitting techniques provide excellent insulating functionality and retain warmth even when wet. The fabrics absorb and move perspiration away from the skin while still keeping the feet warm. They also contain polyamide which increases shape stability and durability.

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