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Veriga Pro Track Boot Crampons

£24.50 (exc. VAT)
£29.40 (inc. VAT)


Veriga PRO TRACK Boot Crampons are made from strong, stretch elastic and feature a large amount of micro-points on the sole which gives optimum grip but reduces wear on indoor industrial floor coverings. These specifically designed points ensure excellent grip, whilst simultaneously reducing the risk of getting stuck in various grates, metal stairs and other industrial surfaces.

A perfect boot crampon for use by professionals working in areas where the terrain constantly changes; from ice to snow, tree roots, industrial grounds and highly resistant pavements.

To fix the PRO TRACK Crampons to footwear, they are simply pulled over and tightened into place using the front strap. These crampons are discreet and comfortable to wear.

N.B. These crampons are NOT suitable for extreme mountaineering.



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