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Distein Tree Marking Paint
Distein Tree Marking PaintDistein Tree Marking Paint Safety Cap

Distein Neon Tree Marking Spray Paint Cans

£4.95 (exc. VAT)
£5.94 (inc. VAT)

The intense brightness makes Distein neon colours ideal for use in marking trees. The special writing spray nozzle also makes the neon paints highly suitable for labelling timber stacks.

Ergonomic cap makes for easy application and patented colour ring on top of can simplifies colour identification.

Distein Neon Forest Marking Paint is weather-proof and adheres well even with humid subsoil or in direct sunlight. Gives optimal covering and is frost proof to -20 degrees celcius.

Minimal atomised spray.

High spreading rate.

100% guaranteed to empty the spray can completely thanks to the self-cleaning valve.

Environmental-neutral propellant

Free of toluol

Free of cadmium, lead and other heavy metals.

High quality product made in GERMANY


Technical information for Distein Neon Tree Marking Spray Paint Cans is currently unavailable.

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