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Silky Hayauchi Pole Saws
Silky Hayauchi Pole Saws

Silky Hayauchi Pole Saws

£136.50 (exc. VAT)
£163.80 (inc. VAT)

The Hayauchi from Silky Saws is a true professional quality pole saw, perfect for all kinds of arborist, forestry and garden pruning tasks.

Available in 3 sizes:
12 foot (1 base pole & 1 x telescopic extension pole)
16 foot (1 base pole & 2 x telescopic extension poles)
21 foot (1 base pole & 3 x telescopic extension poles)

Hayauchi pole saws all have 4 rows of sharpenable teeth and replaceable blades for a long working life.

Adjustable blades have 6.5 teeth per 30mm and can be fixed into 2 angles for lower or higher cutting.

Silky Hayauchi pole saw blades have 2 sickles, the upper to cut vines and the lower to undercut bark, leaving a clean cut without tearing.

Aluminium alloy extension poles which have a race track profile, give precise control to the direction of the saw blade, especially important for high cutting.
This also gives strength and rigidity to the pole, reducing bending to the minimum.

Push buttons allow multiple length adjustments and safety clamps hold the extensions firmly in place.



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