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Fox Micro Whistle
Fox Micro Whistle

Fox Micro Whistles

£4.25 (exc. VAT)
£5.10 (inc. VAT)

A whistle is an essential bit of climbing and rescue equipment for drawing attention in an emergency.

A whistle is an essential part of every safety kit and the Fox Micro Whistle packs a huge amount of punch for it's size! 115 decibels of punch!

It is a pealess safety whistle with no moving parts to get clogged up with sawdust and mud.

The slim design gives it a much flatter profile which will easily fit into a personal first aid kit or attach to a carabiner or belt loop without getting in the way.

Key ring included.

Hi-viz yellow for easy locating in an emergency.


Technical information for Fox Micro Whistles is currently unavailable.

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