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Oregon PowerSharp chainsaw bars and chains.

PowerSharp from Oregon allows chainsaw chains to be sharpened easily, quickly and whist still on the saw in between 3-5 seconds.

See how PowerSharp works here.

PowerSharp Selector Guide

Find the correct PowerSharp bar and chain for your make and model of chainsaw using the chart below.

For more information on PowerSharp, see how it works and the FAQ's.

MakeModel12" Bar12" Chain14" Bar14" Chain16" Bar16" Chain
Stihl009, 010, 015, 018, 020, 021, 023, MS170, MS170D, MS171, MS180
MS180CBE, MS181, MS181CBE, MS191, MS191T, MS192, MS192CBE, MS200T, MS210, MS210CBE, MS211, MS211CBE
Husqvarna36, 41, 136, 137, 141, 142, 235, 236, 236e, 240, 240e, 334, 334T, 335XPT, 338XPT, 339XP, T435  542312PS52E542317PS56E
AlKoBKS35/35 II542308PS45E542310PS52E542314PS56E
AlKo526, AC3107 14, AC3107 16, BKS35/35, BKS38/40, BKS42, KB38/40  542313PS49E542316PS54E
AlpinaP371    542315PS55E
Cub Cadetcc1936, cc2740  542312PS52E542317PS56E
JonseredCS2138S    542317PS56E
Oleo Mac937, GS370  542312PS52E542317PS56E
Oleo MacGS35, 937, GS370, 941C, GS410C, GS940  542310PS52E542314PS56E
Efco132S, 136, 137, MT350, MT3500, MT370, MT3700542308PS45E542310PS52E542314PS56E
EinhellBKS38-35, MKS1940, MKS38/41, MKS35/35, MKS42/45, RBK1440  542313PS49E542316PS54E
EinhellBG-EC2040, BG-PC3735, BG-PC4040, EK1535, EK1540, EKS1840, EKS2040P, KSE1435, KSE1640, KSE2000, KSE2040WK, PEK1840, PES1540, PES1640, PES2000, PES30/2, PES34/2, PES34/3, PES35, PES352TS, PES35/3, PES35/3TS, PES40/3, PKS1635, PKS1840, PKS2040WK, PKS35/1AV, PKS40/1AV, RBC4640, RBK3735, RBK4040, REK1840, REK2040WK, PROFI542308PS45E542310PS52E542314PS56E
GrizzlyEKS1700, EKS1700-40, EKS1800, EKS1800-40, EKS2000, EKS2000 QT, EKS2500/5, EKS2500/5QT, PKS2000/4, PKS40, PKS40/3  542313PS49E542316PS55E
McCulloch445, 839, Mac 335, Mac 338
Mac 435, Mac 842,
McCullochMac 7-38, 7-42, 4-18XT, 8-42  542310PS52E542314PS56E
Parkside / AldiEKS1600, EKS1800, EKS2500/5, EKS2500/5QT  542313PS49E542316PS55E
Partner842    542316PS56E
Dolmar100, 340, 341, PS-3410, PS-3410TH, PS350C542308PS45E542310PS52E542314PS56E
DraperExpert 37cc  542310PS52E542314PS56E
EchoCS2100, CS230T, CS230TES, CS260TES, CS270WES, CS3000, CS3050, CS310, CS330T, CS330MX4, CS3400, CS341, CS350TES, CS3500, CS3501, CS350WES, CS351WES, CS360T, CS370, CS370SCS-1800, 4200ES, C5420ES542308PS45E542310PS52E542314PS56E
EinhellEK1535, EK1540, PES30/2, PES34/2, PES34/3, PES35, PROFI, PES35/2TS, PES35/3, PES35/3TS, PES40/3, PKS35/1AV, PKS40/1AV, PES1540, PES1640, KSE1640, KSE1435, KSE2000, PES2000, PKS1635, PKS1840, PEK1840, REK1840, RBC4640, REK2040WK, BG-EC2040, RBK4040, BG-PC4040, EKS1840, EKS2040 P, KSE2000, KSE2040WK, PKS2040WK, EBK3735, BG-PC3735542308PS45E542310PS52E542314PS56E
HandyTHC38, THC45  542310PS52E542314PS56E
HomeliteHCS3435BA, HCS3840BA  542310PS52E542314PS56E
HornbachEK1600, MKS3840    542314PS56E
Ikra / Aldi / LidlEKS1700, KSB3940, KSE2000, KSE2400-40, SI2000, KSI2000-40    542314PS56E
Ikra / HellwegKSE2400, KK19-40    542314PS56E
MacAllisterMAC2000W, MAC2240    542314PS56E
MakitaDCS230T, DCS34, DCS340, DCS3400TH, DCS3410TH, DCS3501, DCS400, DCS4301, DCS4610542308PS45E542310PS52E542314PS56E
Mitox3814, 4116  542310PS52E  
Obi / LuxCMI2040KS, 2140KSE542308PS49E542310PS52E542314PS56E
Partner335, 338, 842    542316PS56E
PartnerP738, P740, P842, FORMULA 60  542310PS52E542314PS56E
Performance PowerPP1800, PP40CCEPA2, PWR33CCCsa    542314PS56E
RyobiRCS3335, RCS3535CA, RCS3535A, RCS3540C, RCS4040CA, RCS4046  542310PS52E542314PS56E
SanliCS3740, CS4545    542314PS56E
Shindaiwa2855, 3525542308PS45E542310PS52E542314PS56E
Spear & JacksonSPJC3740, SPJC4040542308PS45E542310PS52E542314PS56E
Solo613, 620542308PS45E542310PS52E542314PS56E
Solo614, 635  542312PS52E542317PS56E
TanakaECS3351, TCS2801S, TCS33EB542308PS45E542310PS52E542314PS56E
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