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Welcome to the Clark Forest Blog where we'll be keeping you updated on what's going on in our world. We'd be delighted to include industry specific news from our customers on our Blog pages, so if you have anything exciting or special you want to share with the world, please let us know and we'll do our best to include it here.

cutandclimb Jacket makes it's debut on the other side of the world

Clark cutandclimb Jacket

Scottish born NZ climber Adam Hartshorne took advantage of his recent summer trip to the UK to stock up on some new gear and took home with him (amongst a load of other stuff) one of our 'cutandclimb' tree climbers jackets. We're looking forward to an update from Adam to hear how the jacket performs in the New Zealand climate and we were delighted to see our jacket appear on the blog of Auckland based arb supplier TreeToolsThe cutandclimb arb jacket is manufactured from the highly durable, waterproof and breathable fabric,Exeat...keeping climbers dry and comfortable when it really matters. Features more

Posted by: Yvonne Clark / 22 October 2010 at 12:37 / Comment

Clark Forest Photo Shoot

Clark Photo Shoot

With all the product information uploaded onto the new website, all that remained was to set it off with some stunning action images.Our many thanks to Stephen Hailes (arborist) from H & W Training and Murray Graham (groundsman) from Southwest Firewood for providing their services for the day and enabling us to get some wonderful shots of the products in action. The amazing photography, as always, was supplied by Euan Adamson more

Posted by: Yvonne Clark / 03 October 2010 at 09:30 / Comment

APF 2010

APF 2010 Cannock Chase

I had a last minute opportunity to make a flying visit to the APF show at Cannock Chase on Thursday 23 September and inbetween dodging some seriously heavy showers, I managed to catch up with quite a few of our suppliers and was delighted to bump into some of our customers and friends around the circuit (it's always good to put faces to names and I'm happy to say that all the faces were very pleasant!).I caught up with the Safe-Eyes goggles guys and checked out the updated goggles, featuring a softer rubber frame that makes them just that bit more

Posted by: Yvonne Clark / 03 October 2010 at 09:02 / Comment

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