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What chain is my chainsaw running?

Help to identify the size and type of chain your chainsaw is running.

Count the Number of Drive Links

The first thing to do when trying to identify the type of chainsaw chain your saw is using, is to count the number of drive links it has. This is more easily done with the chain lying on a bench or flat surface (take it off the saw first).

Drive links are the part of the chain which runs along the groove of the bar, and look like the top image on the right.

Once you've identified the number of drive links your chain has, this helps to establish it's overall length and the end section of it's part number, which is always the number of drive links, followed by an 'e' (e.g. YYXXX056E).

Whilst on the subject of drive links, if it is an Oregon branded chain you have, there is normally a number stamped onto the drive links to help identify the type of chain (e.g. 18, 21, 73).

Measure the Pitch

A chain's pitch is a measurement taken from between it's rivets, to help identify the chain's physical size.

To measure your chainsaw chain's pitch, lay the chain flat (whilst it is off the saw) and measure the distance between 3 rivet holes (see the bottom image).

The chains pitch is the distance between any three consecutive rivets, divided by 2.

Typical pitches for chainsaw chains are normally any of the following:

1/4", .325", 3/8", .404" or 3/4"

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