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How do I find the correct bars and chains for my chainsaw?

Finding the right replacement chainsaw bars and chains to suit your chainsaw can be tricky - there are numerous combinations and choices available and it can be a confusing task, even to seasoned professionals.

Here at Clark Forest we're a simply lot and like to make things as easy and as trouble-free as possible, so we've created our very own Chainsaw Selector Guide to help you find which bars, chains, files and sprockets are suitable for your chainsaw.

Simply find the make of your chainsaw, click on the logo then find your model in the list. You might find that your particular model of chainsaw appears more than once, this is to reflect the various options & set ups that are available to this particular saw. The best place to start in this case is to count the number of drive links in your existing chainsaw chain and refer back to the table (or give us a quick call).

If we've missed your particular make or model of chainsaw, don't worry (stressed people with chainsaws scare us a little), we can still almost certainly help you to find the parts you need, please either give us a quick call on 01387 860241, or drop us an email at and we'll see what we can do.

View the chainsaw selector guide | View the PowerSharp chainsaw selector guide

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