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Working at Height

AFAG and INDG leaflets from the HSE relating to working at height. According to the Work at Height Reulations 2005, employers and contractors have a duty to ensure that all work at height is:

  • Properly planned and organised - including planning for emergencies and rescue
  • Assessed for risks using an hierarchy of control measures
  • Appropriately supervised
  • Done in a way that is - as far as reasonably practical - safe
  • Always done by competent people, including managers and supervisors, who are appropriately trained and supervised
  • Done using appropriate equipment that is regularly inspected and maintained

The HSE falls from height in the workplace page provides details and documentation to help ensure you keep up to date with HSE and industry guidelines.

Leaflets and resources:

Download and save the following HSE leaflets relating to working at height:

Determination of rope access HSE report

Tree work accidents HSE report

All documentation is c/o the HSE (UK Health and Safety Executive), for the most up to date version of any information or documentation shown on this page, please visit their website.

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