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Buyers Guide

Arborist, chainsaw and forestry equipment buyers guides & advice to help you choose the right equipment for your specific needs.

PowerSharp Chainsaw Chains and Bars Selector Guide
Guide to finding the correct PowerSharp bars and chains for your make and model of chainsaw.

Chainsaw Chains & Files Compatibility Guide
Cross reference guide to finding the correct sized file for each kind of Oregon chainsaw chain.

Oregon Chainsaw Chain Types Guide
Reference guide to each kind of Oregon chainsaw chain, with sizes, pitches and gauges.

Chainsaw Ripping Chains
Guide to the various different types of chainsaw ripping chain for use with portable chainsaw mills.

HSE Documentation for Tree Work
View and download info c/o the Health and Safety Executive relating to forestry, arboriculture and tree work.

Working out the type of Chainsaw Chain you already have
Step by step guide to identifying the pitch, gauge and type of chainsaw chain your saw may already have.

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