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Why Wear Chainsaw Safety Clothing?

Chainsaws are by far the most potentially dangerous tool openly available to buy on the market, and as such safety precautions must be taken to minimise the risk of serious or potentially fatal injury.

When operating a chainsaw certain precautions are necessary to warrant your safety and well-being. Protective chainsaw equipment can prevent accidents and ensure a correctly completed job. The proper chainsaw safety clothing includes, but is not limited to, chainsaw boots, gloves, helmet, safety glasses or visor, and appropriate chainsaw trousers.

Though there are many types of chainsaw boots, the best suited boots protect your feet from potentially dangerous objects on the ground as well as material that may be forced around as you are working. Airborne material can cause great damage to your feet and make it impossible to work.

Chainsaw gloves are another necessity for working with chainsaws, especially anti-slip gloves. Gloves will protect your hands from hazardous material and help you maintain a handle on the chainsaw. Without anti-slip chainsaw gloves, the risk of releasing the chainsaw during operation is likely to cause great damage to your body as well as risking the safety of others around you.

To protect your head and face from debris, you should always wear a chainsaw helmet. If you choose a helmet without protective face gear, safety glasses are essential. Safety glasses or visors shield your eyes from long-term damage and possibly loss of vision if material (e.g. wood chip or saw dust) were to rebound back into your face while you are working.

Chainsaw safety clothing doesn't stop there, protective chainsaw trousers are vital to your protection. Chainsaw trousers are offered in many different varieties, with protective material covering all around the leg (known as type C chainsaw trousers) or only at the frontal section of the legs (known as type A chainsaw trousers). Without the correct trouser you create hazards for your legs, knees, and hips. Also available for your chainsaw safety are chainsaw braces which are designed to connect to your trousers to help guarantee comfort and the highest level of safety available.

It is unsafe to work with chainsaws with ill-suited gear and the risk to your health is too phenomenal to ignore. To prevent irreversible damage to your body, protect yourself and certify great work by wearing the appropriate chainsaw safety clothing.

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