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Which helmets are suitable for tree climbing?

Unlike standard chainsaw helmets, helmets for tree climbing have additional impact protection at the sides, as well as the normal top impact protection.

Early 2009 saw the introduction of the revised AFAG 401 leaflet covering Tree Climbing Operations.

This new leaflet has a significant change in it concerning the type of helmet recommended for aerial work. The old version of AFAG 401 stated:

"A safety helmet (complying with EN397) with a suitable chinstrap when climbing".

The revised version now states:

"A safety helmet, AFAG strongly recommended a mountaineering helmet (complying to EN12492)"

This recommendation is purely for aerial work operations.

Ground work is covered within a separate leaflet AFAG 301 titled, Using Petrol Driven Chainsaws, which states "Safety helmet (complying with EN397)".

The following are helmets stocked by Clark Forest that are suitable for tree climbing:

Petzl Vertex Vent

Petzl Vertex Vent tree climbing helmets

Stein Super Plasma TC
Stein Super Plasma TC climbing helmets

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