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How Do Chainsaw Trousers Work?

Chainsaw trousers are available with protective blocking material either all around the leg (known as Type C chainsaw trousers) or just at the front of the leg (known as Type A chainsaw trousers).

The protective fabric used in chainsaw trousers works on a number of principles. The outermost layer can be made both tough and slippery, to protect against trivial damage which could compromise the filler material. Beneath this, long, loose fibres of ballistic nylon or Kevlar are laid in layers.

When a chainsaw chain makes contact with protective chainsaw trousers, the outer layer is immediately cut through but the nylon or Kevlar is drawn out and wraps around the chainsaw's drive sprocket, locking it solid and halting the chain, limiting damage to the operator's leg.

After stopping a chainsaw, the chainsaw trousers are condemed and must be scrapped and replaced, whilst the chainsaw must be field-stripped to remove the fibres and allow it to run freely again.

Protective chainsaw trousers sold in the EU must comply with EN381-5.

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