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Chainsaw Trousers for Big People

We're asked this one a lot, "which chainsaw trousers are suitable for bigger people?", which suggests it's a common problem for many of us working with chainsaws who aren't a Size 0.

The good news is that most of the main chainsaw clothing manufacturers have protective chainsaw trousers in a wide range of sizes, some of which up to XXXXL (52" to 56" waist, in real money terms).

In another small effort to make life just that little bit easier, here is a list of all the various chainsaw trousers that Clark Forest keep in stock, which are tailor-made for us chunky lads (anything from 40" and upwards)

Brand: Stretch AIR

Full Stretch (type C, with all round protection) in Grey also available in Orange and Yellow

Gladiator (type A, with front protection) in Grey

Size(s): XL (42") waists.

Brand: Oregon

Super Comfort (type C, with all round protection) in Black and Red

Classic Green (type C, with all round protection) in Green

Super Comfort (type A, with front protection) in Black and Red.

Size(s): XL (41"- 43"), XXL (43" - 45") and XXXL (46" - 48") waists.

Note - XL are stocked, XXL and XXXL sizes are ordered on request, and typically take around 7-10 days for delivery.

Brand: SIP Protection

Progress (type A, with front protection) in Grey

Freedom C (type C, with all round protection) in Black

Size(s): XL (40" - 43"), 2XL (43" - 47"), 3XL (47" - 52") and 4XL (52" - 56") waists.

Innovation (type A, with front of leg protection) in Blue

Size(s): XL (40" - 42"), 2XL (43" - 45"), 3XL (46" - 48") and 4XL (50" - 52") waists.

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