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The Clark name has been associated with the forestry industry since 1924, when the late William Clark founded our parent company (Wm Clark & Son), a blacksmith farrier specialising in shoeing forestry horses, and repairing forestry cultivation spades and tools.

Still based at the same Parkgate site, Wm Clark & Son now represent many of the world's leading forestry equipment brands, offer engineering services and manufacture of a wide range of equipment, not least a range of materials handling equipment from their specialist division Powerhand Attachments.

In 2010 was born, with our very own website, hosted on newer, faster web-servers to cope with ever increasing demand and provide a slick, fast and secure online shopping service for our customers.

Clark Forest brings together many years of expertise in the forest industry to offer an extensive range of equipment and tools to professionals involved in the forestry, arboricultural, chainsaw, gardening and landscaping sectors, whilst Wm Clark & Son specialise in timber harvesting equipment and engineering.

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